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Wardrobe Consultation

Do you have a wardrobe full of items you are unsure of?

Let’s sort through it together with a Wardrobe Consultation tailored to you and your wardrobe dilemmas.

Your wardrobe is the foundation of your personal styling – keeping it organised, updated and full of clothing, shoes and accessories that work with your body shape and colour is essential to effective personal styling.

The Wardrobe Consultation assists you to deeply sort through your existing wardrobe, learn what items you own that are perfect for you, which ones aren’t and the reasons why. We also focus on effective ways to organise your wardrobe and display your items so they are easily accessible to work into your daily outfits.

The Wardrobe Consultation will help you to:
Declutter your Wardrobe Save you Money Boost your Confidence Learn what Cuts, Colours and Styles work for YOU

A Wardrobe Consultation is for you if…
You want to declutter your existing wardrobe You want to analyse the wearability and suitability of items in your wardrobe Your body has changed and you want to rid your wardrobe of your old items that you no longer wear You are an impulsive shopper who continues to buy items that sit in your wardrobe barely worn unworn You have gone through a lifestyle change and are after a new look

How does a Wardrobe Consultation work?

Once your Personal Styling needs are determined, we sort through individual items in your wardrobe. We analyse each item and determine the suitability, taking into consideration your body shape and colour tone, discussing the reasons why each item does or doesn’t work. We will mix items in your wardrobe to create fresh outfits you may not have thought of before. It’s like shopping for a great outfit in your own wardrobe! Here, I will also provide you with suggestions on howyou can organise your wardrobe to assist with your daily styling. After your Wardrobe Consultation, I will provide you with a summary ofyour consultation with suggestions on what you might like to add to your wardrobe to make it that much more wearable. I will also provideyou with style tips relative to your body shape and colours, a great piece of advice to use when you feel unsure of any items.

How much does a Wardrobe Consultation cost?

2hrs – $180.00 3hrs – $270.00 4hrs – $360.00

If you would like a shorter or longer Wardrobe Consultation, this can be arranged, please contact me here. Most Wardrobe Consultations take between 2 – 3 hours, depending on the size of your wardrobe.You may also like to add a 30 minute Personal Style Consultation toyour Wardrobe Consultation Service.If you would like to focus on styling outfits from your wardrobe, please contact me here or view the Wardrobe Styling service.Please note additional fees may apply for services conducted outside of Sydney.

“Please note additional fees may apply for services conducted outside of Sydney”